Dave Carroll releases new song/music video "Everyday Heroes" (9-1-1 Song honouring all First Responders)


(Halifax, NS) Dave Carroll is proud to announce that his new song and music video 'Everyday Heroes,' which honours all First Responders to 9-1-1 calls (fire, police, EMS & dispatch) is now up on his website 911Song.com & on YouTube. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the mp3 are being donated to the Tema Conter Memorial Trust whose mission is to help all First Responders and military service members suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Says Carroll, "The integrity and commitment that First Responders demonstrate each day is often overlooked. With ‘Everyday Heroes,’ I'm proud to be able to share this message of gratitude in a way that I think resonates with everyone who takes the time to watch it. Many thanks to Intrado, Curve Productions, Ferguson Music Productions and all the crew, musicians and actors who made this video possible."

With the release of United Breaks Guitars in July 2009 Dave Carroll became an international phenomenon, and found himself at the center of a traditional & social media frenzy. What started off as a creative outlet for his frustration as a dismissed customer effectively became a major agent for change around the world. He demonstrated the power of the individual in this age of social media and is a globally recognized advocate, giving others a voice. The United Breaks Guitars Trilogy reached viral status within days of its release and well over 100 million people have heard Dave’s story. The impact of United Breaks Guitars has been felt in the music industry, customer service industry & in social media circles globally and made Dave a highly sought after public speaker and performer, even earning him the title of 'modern day folk hero.'

In a world where broken promises are commonplace, when it counts most, there are people willing to help strangers because they gave their word that they would. The essence of 'Everyday Heroes' is about these individuals keeping their promise to respond, regardless of who is in need or the unknown risks that may await the First Responders. As a volunteer fire fighter himself for five years, Dave wrote ‘Everyday Heroes’ after being challenged by a friend to honour those who serve, and the video was shot in Halifax with logistical support from HRM Fire and Emergency and real fire fighters playing themselves.

Where United Breaks Guitars was about ‘promises broken,’ Everyday Heroes is about ‘promises kept.’ The website 911Song.com is dedicated to enhancing and supporting the lives of all First Responders and their families. It is a place where Dave Carroll hopes to facilitate a strong community of interest that connects and engages those who support First Responders and their related organizations and charities.

Please visit: 911Song.com for more information & to view ‘Everyday Heroes.’ You may also go directly to YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm3eHZnfjPI

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