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Sons of Maxwell
by Jeanette MacKay

Welcome Aboardwarm up

We want to welcome Don and Dave Carroll - the Sons of Maxwell – to Zone 4 of Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency, working out of Station 41 (Waverley). Don and Dave signed up as volunteer firefighters in September and already are close to achieving their Level 1 Certification. Way to Go! Like all volunteers, they must do a balancing act, dividing available hours between day time jobs, family, fire department training and calls, but even more so for these two brothers who find themselves on tour a good part of their lives. Better known as “The Sons of Maxwell”, these talented brothers are often “working” on the road performing concerts throughout Canada, and around the world, or in studio recording CD’s. Originally from Timmons, Ontario, the duo moved to the Halifax area about 10 years ago. They joined the department because they wanted to feel a part of the community and to be more grounded. And well grounded they are! Since becoming volunteers firefighters, they have seen lots of action, including being on-scene during the MKL plane crash in October. Not only were they there, but they made it to the National News. As new members, they wore black helmets which means they are still not trained, but members of the press thought they were in charge andasked Dave Carroll questions. Notknowing any better (they do now), they spoke to the press. They have also been to many car fires,chimney fires, and medical assists.

Station #41 (Waverley) receives over 200 calls a year, and responds not only to Waverley but also to the communities of Wellington, Fall River, Oakfield, Lakeview, Grand Lake, Windsor Junction and Goffs, including the airport. Dave & Don enjoy being volunteers at the Waverley station and say it is a very professional department and members take their firefighting duties seriously. There is a good mixture of age, experience and backgrounds at the station. As children, they hung out with their grandmother, while she worked cleaning the local fire station. This is how they first got interested in the fire service! Of course with a name like Carroll, they have an Irish background which is rooted in everything they do.

About their Music

Now it’s time to get to know the ‘Sons of Maxwell’ and find out about their music. While their music is considered pop-folk, you can usually hear them on CHFX or CBC. Their latest CD is called “Sunday Morning” and they are in the process of making a new video. Their fans range from age 20-70, appealing to many audiences. They play the downtown scene, including the Fife and Drum, the Casino, Thirsty Duck and you can find them at the Alehouse on St. Patrick’s Day. Already Fire has secured their talents for the upcoming FDIC Conference in Wolfville in June. When not playing in the evening,they will be participating in the training during the day. “The two are very keen. In fact they are going through their Level 1 at the Fire School so they can get their certification more quickly. They are fitting in well with the other members and I am glad to have them both on board. I thought we might have some groupies volunteering after the New Years Eve performance at the Grand Parade, but so far they haven’t been pounding down the door!
Composite Chief Ron Dalrymple

“We are continually amazed by the talents of our firefighters. To our great delight, the well known singing duo ‘Sons of Maxwell’ are living their other passion as volunteer firefighters with Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency”.

Bill Mosher, Deputy Chief Director, Rural Operations

Vol. 38 - January/February 2005 Page 7

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