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i love love love the Video about United!!!

i think the Video is really cool...i love your voice..its my 1st time that i have hear it & i love it to the max ;) & not to forget to mention...your Hot ;)...good luck & hoping to see you more around :)

United Breaks Guitars


What a brilliant move - for you and for everyone who has ever been frustrated by an airline denying liability! I chuckled when I heard on CNN that United was going to use your video as an internal training opportunity. I hope you get royalties! Look forward to video #2.

Dave Carroll you rock

Enough about the United video. We all know it's great and everything, but what about A WHOLE LOT LIGHTER or UPHILL BATTLE? Fantastic stuff. Dave, you're so great. So, so great. And you're so hot.

Congratulations on the well deserved recognition for your fabulous song. We LOVED your song and video about your terrible customer service experience with United. Don't we all have stories like this about large corporations? We were inspired - and have made a cool T-shirt to sell online ( so that a portion of the proceeds will go to; who fight for the rights of consumers, citizens, and travelling musicians across the country. Thanks Dave! And Kudos for donating United's offer to charity.

Stay well

youtube video

Great Video loved it...Great to see your a Canadian band who is going to go big ...want to wish all the best of luck and hopefully one day we will see you in the Yukon ...

you guys rock eastern style love it!!!

Your Music

I was very impressed with both your music and lyrics on the United Song. You are both very talented young men and hope that someday you will decide to tour "The South" of the United States. I live in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and we have nine casinos here on the coast that bring in National Talent. If you ever decide to tour in this area, I would certainly contact them and see if they will book you. If you need help with names and phone numbers of Casinos, just let me know. Again, thanks for some great music and I plan to order some of your CD's very soon.
"Speedy" Spivacke

You Rock!

First I saw you on the morning news, then I heard you on Q. I checked out your music. You have another fan. Things happen for reasons. If your beloved Taylor had not given it's live for you, the world may not have been given the chance to listen to your music. If you every get to the Island on the other side of Canada, I will be sure to see you play live.

Downloaded your album

Loved the song about united... checked out your album on iTunes and found that my wife and I liked the first 6 songs we previewed... doesn't happen often so we bought the set. Keep up the good work and I hope that this United thing works out well for you and your bandmates.





United Broke My Guitar brought my attention to your music.
The protest song is great because folks are angry and need
a target for all the social injustice of today. Yes, we want
to hear some protest songs again!!! Also I love your soft
folk style it is great stuff stay on that course. Steer clear
of country western type stuff there is too much competition
on that sound and it is not going to sell. Your folk music sound
is your best. It will sell, sell and sell if you stay on that track.
I for one love it and have bought your Perfect Blue CD and will keep
buying if you stick to the folk sound.

What a great clip! Funny and

What a great clip! Funny and hey...... you guys can sing!
Greetings from Australia!
Damian McKew

Thank you

I would like to say thank you from the state of Georgia
If it was not for people like you this would continue About 4 months ago my wife was flying from Atlanta to Dallas now her being one who does not fly offten packeed everything in her checked bag to get through security faster. Well when she arrived in Dallas her camera and jewlery were gone And she was told that the air line is not responsible items stolen like electronics and jewlery it was not United it was Delta but the air lines told us that the TSA workers have the right to open everybag so they have the ability to get whatever they want maybe they will start to watch more thanks to your song Im out approx 250 for the camera and who knows for her jewlery I hope they fix yours and maybe the others will follow suite any way thank you for what you have done for the non frequent fliers that get screwed by the airlines

Mark Crowe

Good satire

Alan Moore wrote:
"Now, as I understand it, the bards were feared. They were respected, but more than that they were feared. If you were just some magician, if you'd pissed off some witch, then what's she gonna do: She's gonna put a curse on you. And what's gonna happen? Your hens are gonna lay funny, your milk's gonna go sour or something like that — no big deal.
You piss off a bard, and forget about putting a curse on you, he might put a satire on you. And if he was a skillful bard, he puts a satire on you, it destroys you in the eyes of your community. It shows you up as ridiculous, lame, worthless, in the eyes of your community, in the eyes of your family, in the eyes of your children, in the eyes of yourself, and if it's a particularly good bard, and he's written a particularly good satire, then 300 years after you're dead, people are still gonna be laughing you."


Dave - I've enjoyed your music for awhile now, and thought you had an excellent voice...

It's wonderful to know that along with that talent and god-given gifts, you also possess a sterling character. Your response to this United fiasco was appropriate, well thought-out, and honourable. Sons of Maxwell FTW!

- JT

United video.

Greetings from Mumbai, India!
I loved your video and your underlying message. More power to consumers \m/
I'll surely pass on the youtube link to my pals.

United Breaks guitars

Man i flew with united once and i said never again ..... i love your song im glad it made such a hit and i hope you get your guitar fixed!!!!!!

Love the UAL video; love your other music

Dear S.O.M.,

I am so impressed with the United Airlines video!! I myself had a very bad experience with UAL a couple months ago (long story), so I found your video particularly hilarious. I took the time to listen to some of your other songs as well... fantastic! I grew up listening to the Clancy Brothers and you remind me of them. I hope that you come out to California on tour sometime. If I ever get to go to eastern Canada I will try to see you as well.

Best regards,

- Kim, San Jose, CA

Hi guys

What a great idea - amazing. So great to hear about you boys in the international news. Keep it up.



Love your new video and all the excitement it has generated. I bet that your experience will be the topic of many a university business class and student paper. We are all sick of being treated as an annoyance rather then a customer. Terrific work, great video.

United & Now

If I hadn't come across your Youtube video, I never would have found your song, "Now". How inspirational and boy did I need it! Your music is great and refreshing. I am ordering "Perfect Blue". The whole situation re: United certainly has taken a "Karmic" turn. Congrats!
A new fan from New Hampshire

When are you coming out west?

Robert in Victoria BC (I'm from Glasgow, so I love those kilts in the Queen of Argyle video).

OK, I admit I am another "son of United" fan as I had never heard of the band till I saw the utube Guitar video. But I am making up for lost time and can't wait to bring the whole family to see you when you come to Victoria (hint).
My take is that United have inadvertently done you guys a huge favour by messing up Dave's guitar.
While the media are focused on the bad publicity it gave United, I am loving the way it is getting you all in the public eye.
I think you should make some irreverent videos on other topics, how about global warming, the war on terror or Iran's "election" for a start.
A new fan.


I loved the video! Did United ever pay up on the damaged Taylor guitar?


That it took a broken guitar and a kicking Youtube video for you guys to get recognition here in the States! But you've done it now. I'm seeing the need for a good USA tour in your future... but... maybe you should rent a bus next time? ;)

Live Shows

I have not heard of you until the United incident, I am now a fan of the Sons of Maxwell. I live in Southern Ontario and wish I heard of you a few months back, when you played in Markham. I would have defenitley come and seen your show!! I will keep an eye on your website for future dates and will be at that show.

Thank you,

C. Maxwell
Oshawa, ON

You guys rock !!!

Hey Don and Dave ,
Its Gini here ,use to be your ''groupie'' at the Old Dublin ,
would love to see you back on PEI some time !!!!!!!

You get the last laugh

Like so many, I discovered you through the United Breaks Guitars video. I've been listening to your music and will be ordering an album. It's kinda ironic, you guys become known world wide and soar to success on the wings of United's incompetence :-) Gotta love that :-) Keep the music coming!

Just saw your video

That was very good. I never heard of you before but will be checking in on you. I plan to purchase some of the songs on Perfect Blue. I sent the Youtube link to everyone so they can enjoy your humor also. Peted

United Video

Great job Dave, you took the high road. We had a similar experience of indifference when we flew with Delta a few years ago. The whole process was a nightmare.
Your song is a classy move and although it appears that this incident lead to change lets hope they stick with it long term.
At the very least a charity has now benefited from the incident so it's not all bad.
Well done

Love the video

Just read about your video in BusinessWeek. Love it!

United Video

Hi! Just saw your United Video on the BBC news in the UK, bet you have a lot of British fans after this! Really really witty, classy and funny... I'm constantly in fear of my expensive climbing gear being treated with serious disrespect when flying! Great example of how to stand up for yourself... Can we get your album from iTunes in the UK? It's had good reviews and I'd like to get hold of it...

Broken Guitar Good Advertising

Hi Don and Dave. Nope, hadn't heard your music before the "broken guitar" thing. I love the song! Actually, all your songs I've now heard so (sorry guys) your loss is my gain. Can't wait to hear you in person out west some day soon!

Hello From Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

I think you young gentleman are just excellent, its so nice to listen to a song and actual hear every word and it is about real things and people, keep up the good work. Good job with the new song, I just love it.
Bye for now
A Fan in the

united sucks

Great sound Dave...Just ordered Perfect Blue after seeing the CNN piece which lead me to Youtube. You and your cast of actors killed me with the United breaks guitars video, Now you need to get some kind of award for both your sense of humor and imagination.
I'm from northern New Brunswick but now reside in Alabama and am presently working a contract in Lima, Peru!
A Maritimer working in South America as discovered your great talent due to United messing with your Taylor guitar!!!!
Again, great sound and looking forward to getting Perfect Blue.

United Breaks Guitars

Love the song! I'd never heard of you guys before it hit YouTube so I'm definitely going to check out your CDs.

For your encore, maybe you can do a song based on my experience called "USAirways Breaks Texas BBQ Sauce and Ruins Cowboy Boots." The title doesn't quite have the same hook but you get the idea. ;)


United Breaks Guitar! Awesome video!

I had never heard of your band but saw the video on the news this morning and I cannot stop watching this on Youtube. Very clever! Anyway I youtubed your band after that and I love your songs! You have found another fan. Congratulations and good luck!

Isn't it funny how life works?

I saw you on youtube and absolutely love your style! Before that, because of our geographical distance, I may never have heard you.

I'm impressed, not only with your songs, but your drive to make a huge corporation DO THE RIGHT THING!

Kudos to you!

The Neighbourhood

I've just ordered the CD... wonderful sound!

UA v S.O.M.:

Just read about the plight with United Airlines; fight the good fight!


Hi From Az

Great Job on the United Song, it's about time someone shows them that people don't deserve to be treated like crap! Never heard of you before today but the rest of your music is great too!!! Dyin to hear song 2! I wish you guys massive success!


Flagstaff, Arizona


Great vocals and nice tunes looking forward to hear more

Heard about United and

Heard about United and broken guitars on the news, so I checked out Youtube and watched the video, I laughed till I cried, I just loved the video...priceless.... also hear that they are finally going to do sometihing about it, as well they should!! Before


Just watched your hilarious anti-United Airlines YouTube video embedded on MSNBC and wanted to give you a virtual hug from someone who has dealt with this same issue many times. I watched the video and loved it! I was then given an option to watch one of your other videos called "Whole Lot Lighter" and all I can say is "Wow!" Your music has a taste of a fine old Jim Croce (whom I love) with an added uniqueness of your very own! I love the combination! The harmonies are fabulous! Can't wait to hear more! I'll definitely be buying! Best of luck from Michigan!

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

I live in Banner Elk, NC, USA and understand the GMHG are honoring Clan Maxwell this year (54th) - is this the reason for your name?
I love going to the Games and meeting people from Scotland, Ireland etc & listening to the different bands they have performing.
Do you attend these functions???

Toronto Visit

When you coming to Toronto?

"United Breaks Guitars" Over 1 million views!


New fan and subscriber. Just wanted to say Congratulations on "United Breaks Guitars" video passing the million-views mark. Approaching 1.5 million. Way to go!

Steve Adams


Thank you for making me laugh with the "United Breaks Gitars" video.
Well done.

Forgive my writing. I'm working and improving my english every day.

Kind regards and congratulations for your voice and music

Germán Villarroel from CHILE

United and all the other airlines suck!

Hello Dave,

I just found out about your song and love it. So many business have taken customers for granted and forget that they are in the service industry. In your case they decide to do the right thing only after they shine you on for so long, because they figured you had no options. I live in the U.S. but have spent time in Canada and find that U.S. business are far worst than your countries business at looking after customers needs. I hope that you spawn thousands of parodies, to send a message to big business that consumers need to be looked after like they matter to the business. I wish you and your band the best of luck and will be looking into your other music and might even try to travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin from Raleigh, North Carolina to check you guys out in person.

Thank you - just purchased your album Dave

Just saw an article on and after enjoying the videoclip via Youtube, I've purchased your Perfect Blue album via iTunes because I'm a fickle beast. :)

All the best!

Dave (from Oz) :)

Great Music!!

Wow, I love your music! Found out about you through your video United Breaks Guitars which was great!! I look forward to listening to your album over and over! Ever thought of touring in Western Canada?

United Breaks Guitars

Congratulations! What a wonderful way to express (vent) anger and frustration. Too bad Big Business forgets why they were successful once! Your song is not only great entertainment, but also an in-your-face reality check for a company that screwed up. Instead of trying to change their culture, maybe they should just try to do the right thing.

I hope this incident and your great art will bring you many thousands of new fans.

John Griffin
Evans, Ga USA

United Breaks Guitars

David -

1. Don't stop
2. Complete all 3 videos
3. Don't accept any money or sign anything with United, as they want you to destroy the videos
4. Forget them. Use this opportunity to launch your career into the stratosphere.
5. Good luck.

From: Southern California

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Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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