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"The Place That I Call Home"

I am grateful to United Airlines. Thanks to them, I got to know you :O)

I love "UBG", "The Place That I Call Home" and "A Woman Like You".
(Bought them on iTunes)

Looking forward to UBG2.

Hello From Calgary

Hi Dave,

I thought your solution with united was perfect! - A very Canadian thing to do where most others would probably think sue them for negligence!

When I first saw the video on YouTube the 2nd day after it was released, I thought good on these guys and how can I help. I e-mailed a couple of radio stations and asked if it was possible to play the song on the air. I heard one did, not sure if it was due to my email or not, but that doesn't matter - the important thing was, that it WAS played.

I also had a contact with a friend that posted the story and link on a chat board that many in the the Canadian forces use - That thread also gives you resounding approval and I hope, gave our soldiers cause to smile.

I saw the United song #1 and some of your others are available on ITunes Canada - so I purchased several of them. I am very impressed. Who needs Ben Mulroney to get a singing career off the ground eh!.

Hope you are able to make it to Calgary sometime for a show and I am looking forward to United part 2.


Ed Davidson

Well done

You did a great job. It's a lovely song and a funny video about a serious thing. Amazingly Social Media like youtube an twitter etc. works in real life. Your song is practice indeed!!!

I wish you all the best from the other side of the ocean.

Christoph, Berlin (Germany)

PS But my favourite song ist your "Queen of Argyle" (just bought the mp3 - the world became very small with internet...;-)))

hi guys

im another person that never heard of you untill i heard the song on youtube love it one of my fav is oceanside again keep up the good work im from uk

Various Comments

You deserve every success that comes your way. Thanks for complaining about United Airlines. I've got my own complaint going, but I can't sing or play anything so I don't know where it will go. But I don't care because you did it for all of us. So, please don't sell out. 4 1/2 million (and counting) of us are waiting for your next "United' video. When will it be out? Can you tell us please?

And when will you come to California to do some concerts? When you do, please bring your kilts. It will be warm enough.

The people will love you in Hawaii, too. Hawaii has such great musicians. They will love your style and, who knows, you may want to try out a slack key guitar. Schedule those trips this winter. :))


Thanks to United...

....otherwise we would never have heard about you in Germany...great songs just brilliant...we really hope to see you in concert...

Best wishes from Hamburg, Germany
Kay & Anke

CD's in the UK***when??????

Just spent another nite listening to tracks on line but where, when or how can we get SOM cd's in the UK - tried all the usual sites. Have you got distributor yet ? are HMV or anyone like that going to be stocking or importing.


great job on the united song 1 and also just listened to A Woman Like You. Good stuff my friends! Hitting Itunes to pick up the new album today. Best of luck to you all!

united in ignorance: the airline industry

Great way to articulate and publish the scandalous ignorance prevailing in the worldwide airline industry. Only few carriers feel obliged to cater for their clients' needs. United obviously is not one of them.... Well done Dave! Greetings from Bavaria!


Looking forward to seeing you at IrishFest in Milwaukee.

Upper Peninsula of Michigan Girl

Uniteds loss, your gain.

Wow! A friend sent me an email today with an attachment to your United video on YouTube. Your voices blew me away! What great advertisement for you. I hope you get flooded with sales! I myself have purchased two, Perfect Blue and Valentine Delivered. Next month I'll buy two more!
Brian in Washington DC

Greeting from Wuhan

Nice music

I just can listen your music at this site at present, waitting for your new job...

broken guitar

I was your dad's neighbour in Gold Centre and your aunt Jane is my former sister-in-law. I'm now living in Rome and nearly fell off my chair when the BBC news anchor played a clip of your video last week. Congrats for this great song and the other fabulous music you're sharing with us. Hope this serrendipity exposure catapults you both to even greater stardom! Maybe we'll meet some day at a family reunion...

the music..

Hi guys..great performances every time I see you..great website Don's CD.
Thanks for putting smiles on every Cape Bretoner's face under the 'tent' in Port Hawkesbury.
See Ya :D

United Breaks Guitars

Way down here in South Australia we heard your song. Love it! Wish you would make it into a ring tone for my phone. Love the rest of your music too. Sorry about your guitar but, if not for the loss of your beloved guitar, so many people wouldn't have heard about your fabulous music. Thanks for the laughs.


Great music!

Like many, I am hearing about you due to all the hoopla about United. It was a great song, really nice video and it has introduced me to you music and that has been wonderful. I love it all. I am just trying to find out how to buy a CD and have it shipped to Luxembourg.

Keep up the great music, and let me know when you do more European stops!

Cath from Luxembourg

Keep up the great work

We got to know you due to your United-song. We love it and were rolling on the floor laughing, what a great job you had done! In the meantime we listened to your other songs and we just love your music. You are a very fine band, great voices, nice songs, we can't wait seeing you live on stage here in good old Germany. Are you already planning a tour? We will be the first ones to get our tickets. Best regards from Frankfurt (Germany), yours Wolfgang

can you do a song about American?

Great video! Thinking about using it in my ESL classes! I hadn't heard of you guys either before, but I like your style and your music's a lot of fun. So, how about a song about American smashing a suitcase on a way to a family funeral? Being an international trip, I couldn't do much follow-up at the time. No youtube at the time either. Best of luck and wishing you guys the best of success!

After hearing your song

After hearing your song about the smashed quitar in Youtube we (me and my husband) had to write to comment on it. You have made a hit that will be sung all around the world, since nowadays almost everyone has either had or knows someone who has had trouble with the policies of airlines. We loved the song and after listening to your other songs we think that you are amazing musicians with rare talent and lots of humor. Thanks for the song!
Paivi & Jukka from Finland

united breaks guitars

How about Dr Hook's 'Sylvia's Mother (please Ms. Irlweg, I, just want to talk to you...)
Anyway looking forward to your 2nd video installment, thanks for the intro to your talent.

Hello from Austria

Heared the story of the broken guitar today on local radio in Vienna. Afterwards they played the great song, loved it! Unfortunately im unable to get your CDs in Austria ;-( If you ever take a tour to Europe, don´t forget a show in Vienna and inform me! Looking forward for song Nr. 2 - good work guys. Good luck to you all, you definitely found a new Fan in Vienna.

Griaß Eich from Austria

Thank you

I just want to thank you for writing the song "United breaks guitar". I am sure a lot of people have such experience before, whether they are flying with United or other airlines. It's really very frustrating to deal with those so-called "customer service" people because there's no service at all. They are just trying their best to deny responsibility. I had my luggage case broken once when flying with United. After making several calls, I gave up. Thank you for making our voices heard. A big THANK YOU!!!


All the papers report that you've singlehandedly wiped $180m off the United Airlines company value.
Well done! You're a total legend :o)
May your band benefit from the great publicity!!
I LOVE your music style - you guys are brilliant.


Well done on the guitar-breaking song - satirical, funny, good music, and yet you resisted the urge to get vitriolic or insulting. That's probably why it was so popular. I saw it more than a week ago and knew it would go viral.

This is why the large corporations hate the Internet so much - the bad experience of one customer can suddenly be known worldwide with the impact on their share price that we've already seen. Maybe this is the dawn of a new age where 'Customer Service' really means what it says...

Hope you get a stack of bookings and sales off of this, I was impressed by the songs and have since bought the CD and the United MP3. Waiting for you to tour New Zealand...

United Breaks Guitars

Saw your story and video clip on the news here in the UK this morning. Loved it, a great way to get your own back! Watched the video on You Tube this evening with my son - great fun. Well done!

SOM in the UK

Just found you guys after the UBG feature on national TV over here. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!! Have spent the last hour listening to tracks on youtube - hope your CD's are in the shops over here, can't wait to get hold of them.

Perfect Blue

Original reason for being here 'United Breaks Guitars'

Well I now have another reason to be here. Today, the album CD Perfect Blue arrived, what a delight to listen to.

Fate perhaps dealt you what seemed a body blow last year, now you can see that that out of ashes sometimes a beautiful phoenix arises.

In my opinion, you make your own luck and Dave and your band - you have and done it with panache.

I wish you the best. Thanks for your music.

Best wishes, now go fly that phoenix !

United Breaks Guitars


Fantastic! I just heard on BBC news. Take it to the Man! well done.




Serendipity - Discovering WONDERFUL things in unexpected places :-)

Who'd have thought that an item on the BBC morning news would lead to a YouTube video, and a song about a broken guitar, and the discovery of your wonderful talent :-)

I've downloaded Perfect Blue today :-) And I'm so glad that something that started out as bad, may turn out to be good :-)

Here's hoping that you are benefitting from a lot of record sales and publicity from this, and that your talent is recognised as it should be :-)

Uniquely Canadian sense of humour and feel to "United" video

Since I'm on the *other* coast, I'd never heard of you or your band. But I'm greatly impressed, and have now listened to other videos of yours, which just increases my appreciation of your talents.

Congratulations on having brought your name to the forefront in such a unique way, and may your fame and fortune continue to grow exponentially.

Gail R.

Bravo Dave

Bravo Dave, I am so glad you wrote “United Breaks Guitars”. You struck a cord with anyone and everyone who has been mistreated by a smug company but was powerless to do anything about it. When I first heard it I just smiled and thought, Yeah! David beat Goliath with a song! It was wonderful to see United forced to take notice and respond, as they should have in the first place. I can’t wait to hear the next two United songs.
I had not had the pleasure of hearing you and the band prior to that song. You have an amazing voice and an excellent band and a new fan. I love your music and will definitely buy it.

United breaks guitars....

Was a brilliant brilliant act of genius. 3 million views in two weeks is impressive rightly put United to shame!

Also, glad i've discovered you... Love your music.

Great music

Like many others, we found you on YouTube... and we were hooked. If you ever felt like you wanted to travel to Colorado, there's some great Scots and Irish festivals out here who could use some fresh talent! Thanks for the music and we hope to hear more from you!

Happy accidents!

Your guitar has not suffered in vain. If nothing else comes of it, you've managed to reach a new fan all the way in SE Oklahoma!

United Airline Breaks Guitars

I have to thank United Airlines and the Sunday morning news for my discovery of Dave Carroll and his music. His music and lyrics are indeed beautiful. Also, I am happy to have discovered Sons of Maxwell. The talent does run in the family. I am also impressed with Don and note a soulfulness in him when he sings.

I learned that you have been singing for some time now but this is a new beginning guys. Fasten your seat belts!

Longtime fan

Hey guys, first saw you play at the Heart and Crown in Ottawa in '94 - thanks to Shane and Jamie MacLeod for introducing me to your great sound. Always enjoyed catching a show at Casey's in Timmins, too, while we were still living in South Porcupine. Unfortunately have only seen you once since moving back to N.S., but glad to hear things are still going well and hopefully this United thing will be the springboard to bigger and better things!

If you do a West-Canada Tour, let me know - I'll help promote!

Dave and Don,

I also discovered you through the YouTube thing and I flipped the link to friends and family because in an odd way, I felt proud to be Canadian: You were funny, and you made your point without rancour or mean-spiritedness. It seemed like you had fun. So you have probably helped Canada's image worldwide.

One of your site-guests left a comment that said he liked songs you can understand, words you can hear, and I agree with him.

Although I've ordered the album, I would like to see what Eastlink captured on video at Tim's house, and I'm sure I am not alone. If it is OK with you and the other performers, do you think Eastlink would be willing to offer the concert for sale on DVD, perhaps thru your site, or with a direct link on the YouTube video? It's such a shame for them to waste the footage when lots of Canadians outside the Halifax area would appreciate seeing the show, and would pay for the privilege of having the DVD of it.

OK, this is a longish post. One final thing: If you plan a Western Tour and you me to help promote it, for free, let me know -

Hi Dave and Don I too have

Hi Dave and Don I too have never heard your music until I heard United Breaks Guitars but being a country music lover all my life you now have a new fan. I went and listened to other song you have and I feel instantly in love with your music, I hope to see you up our way soon

Love your music and your way to solve issues

Never heard your music before yesterday. I love it. I've been listening to anything of yours I can find. I'm addicted.

I also look forward too songs 2 & 3 to be "United" with 1.

Calgary AB

United Breaks Guitars

Congratulations on a great song and making the news over here in Sweden.

I'm looking forward to the next United song and as I type I'm listening to more of
you music. You have a new fan.

Kerstin in Östersund, Sweden


Congratulations on your newfound recognition on YouTube and fox news. What a great job you and the band do, and I have ordered all of your albums. Way to stand up for what is right and setting an example that we should not take the stuff that large business and government forces upon us.
I know you will receive great rewards for your incredible effort on this.
May God bless you and give you the strength to be a shining example to all of us.

Steven L. Barnes, CPA
Columbus, Ohio

Thank you!

I know you had a rough time with United, but the silver lining is that now the world knows about your music. I've bought a couple of your songs already and will be back for more. My folks live in NB and I just might have to plan my next visit up there based on your tour schedule. Good luck!

Greetings from Coldbrook, N.S.

Hi Dave & Don - We've been listening to your band since we got a ECMA Keith's CD several years ago when we lived in Calgary. Our favourite song is Oceanside Again & my husband plays it regularly on his guitar (no, it's not a Taylor!) Congrats to you on your originality in a David vs. Goliath situation. Love your music and the classy way you got your point across. Wishing you all the success in the world. Take care! Cheers, Bernice L.

Going international

Good move going YouTube! If you thought the United song was only going to fly thru North America, well, you were wrong! The link was sent to us from VENEZUELA, we´re in Madrid, SPAIN and rest assured our friends will be hearing you soon too! Good luck and hope you continue to sing your way up the charts. Its been a long time since we´ve heard well written music.
M&M Madrid, Spain

hi Dave regards from Lufthansa Germany

oh boy taht is the best song what ever i now - we go the same way with our banking and finazbanking - music get more power than any gun.

your German/French friends

Another New Fan

Hello Fellas,

I am sad to say that I am indebted to United Airlines, but because of them I discovered your wonderful music. I can't wait for you guys to come out to Vancouver; I will be buying tickets.

Here's to continued success,
Damon Stennett

United's mistake lead us to you

Hi S.O.M: My husband had me watch the United video and I cracked up. So sorry they broke your guitar. BUT, I have to say thank you to United because they turned us on to an awesome new band! We just purchased Pefect Blue and Sunday Morning and can't wait for them to arrive. Keep the music coming...we all need music in our lives and we are thrilled to have found you. Ruth and Andrew

nice job, well done

Nice job on the video and the statement.
Your a class act.

I ordered a couple of your albums, and the united mp3 about an hour ago.
What I really want to know is when are you guys going to start selling those really cool Sons of Maxwell t-shirts with the NS flag and the maple leaf. hope they are a really heavy weave t-shirt, long sleeve eh.
I want to be the first snowbird to show mine off down here in L.A. L.A. land, at the next Californian- Canadians get together.
Your You-tube video is all the talk of the town here.
Time is fleeting Dave.
Get them shirts up on the site..................
Tick tock, tick, tock......................................

make mine a xxl tall eh......

Canoeman says: Everyone has someone in their family who is crazy, if you don't know who it is, its YOU

UNITED (what else)

I just had to say something to you and the band.Im retired and have been watching youtube for 4 days now seeing the numbers go up.I dont think you realize how PROUD you have made CANADIANS feel about themselves,brings tears to my eyes just reading the postings.I put that song on a cd by itself,went to the airport this morning to pick up my wife,windows down,tune cranked,and im an old guy.What more can i say,you done us proud.Keep up the fine work. All the best Ron and Cheryl Windsor Ontario


je This song united breaks guitars is just fantastic! Everything about the vocals the music and production of the video is first rate. I laugh out loud when the case goes flying across the screen.
Cant wait for the next song, great job guys.

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