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United Breaks Guitar

Hi Dave and band,

Just thought I would come and say hi and tell you how very proud i am for what you have done in getting back at United Airlines. What a brilliant idea. You have now made a difference in a huge way and created a very powerful and positive ripple effect for the average Joe. It adds merit to the saying, "Don't get mad. just get even".

Love the song and I also had a chance to hear the others on YouTube. You guys are awesome. I really wish you all the greatest success in the world.

Bye guys! Keep up the great work!

Peter Falconeri <-----------from just outside Oshawa, Ontario.


Like the United video - randomely stumbled upon it and thought it was especially funny as United actually smashed my fiddle 2 years ago... It survived, but needed a new bridge and whatnot, as well as a new bow. I didn't manage to make a video about it, but I am glad you did!


I have witnessed, first hand, baggage handlers throwing boxes marked "fragile" onto my plane. This song is
brilliant and I have done my part in sending it to Australia, New Zealand and China. United Airlines slogan "We're
not happy unless you're not happy" needs to be changed.


I just watched your video on YouTube.. what a hoot..
but the best part was finding you! I like your style of music.
Your newest fan,

United breaks guitars

Live in Miami FL, just heard/saw your new United song.............Love it and your harmonys'...just joined your newsletter, and will listen to you more......The rest of the USA will too. God Bless

United Breaks Guitars

You guys are burning up You Tube with United Breaks Guitars but what I discovered was some excellent music. I downloaded everything you have on iTunes - put more out there! I'll buy it, but I need it for my iPod. You guys are awesome.

United video & your site

Great site...I was led to it by your United video-great also! Hopefully you will get much more than the 1000+ you lost on the guitar by new fans such as me. Love your music, I'm sold! Good luck!

United Breaks Guitars

This song is GREAT! One of the best songs I have heard in a while! Keep it up guys! Cannot wait to see you in S.A.; TX sometime! XO *Michele (SassyandSpitfire)*


Not guys made Yahoo headlines!!! CONGRADS!!!! I can not tell you HOW MUCH I HATE UNITED AIRLINES ALSO!! The crap i had to go through was seeing this video just really made my day!! (and it was a crappy day so far!)


I am soooooo much looking forward to your next 2 united videos (and there better be!) TELL THEM HOW YOU FEEL!!!

I hope United scrambles and kisses this whole bands ass!!! (free tickets etc)



SCREW YOU UNITED................................(AIRLINES THAT IS!)

Steven Madison WI

Come on over this was guys!! I will buy the whole crew a 1/2 barrel of Spoted Cow! (Dam good beer!)

United Video

I saw part of the "United Breaks Guitars" on the Chicago local new last night. I had to go to Youtube to see the whole video. I loved it. I also checked out some of your other music and I must say I am a new fan. I will be watching to see if you come to Chicago, will try to make the Milwaukee show in August. Best of luck to you all, hope to see you on Letterman soon!!!

United Video

I saw part of the "United Breaks Guitars" on the Chicago local new last night. I had to go to Youtube to see the whole video. I loved it. I also checked out some of your other music and I must say I am a new fan. I will be watching to see if you come to Chicago, will try to make the Milwaukee show in August. Best of luck to you all, hope to see you on Letterman soon!!!

United We Stand so United can fall...

Just heard your story, watched the video "United Breaks Guitars", and am about to head home to see if United actually delivered my luggage. It has been sitting in some other airport for a couple of days. Yes I got the run around and the non excuses and am preparing to write a SCATHING complaint where I expect that it will be deleted quickly or entered in some contest that the United employees are running to see who can cause the most grief with the least amount of effort.
I enjoyed your video. Thanks.

United Breaks Guitars

A friend of mine posted your video on his Facebook page. It is brilliant. I have a Taylor 514, so it would have crushed me to see that happening. When are you guys coming to Dallas, TX? Get a tour bus to protect your guitars. ;)

I watched some of your other videos - great songs and harmonies. Keep 'em coming!

Good luck and success to you


New Fan!

Wow! I saw your band on my yahoo home page, listened to the news article about UA and then went to youtube! Instant fan! You guys are awesome! Definitely proud to be a canadian having you guys around. Can't wait to get your cd's. Keep up the good work guys! When will you be touring the West Coast again? We are in Langley BC. We flew to NZ on Quantas and they sent ALL 16 pieces of luggage to Australia by mistake! Our son had special needs and they wouldn't help us one bit, even though we had even made special arrangements ahead of time with the airline! Thanx for sharing! We hope they will compensate! We feel your pain!

What a wonderful discovery

Thanks to your vow to United, a friend showed me your video on YouTube. I then proceeded to watch many other of your songs there. I am happy to say I am an instant fan. I am not sure what genre you put yourself in, but I grew up on folk, contry, Rock 'n Roll oldies, and a variety of other music types. You have a sound that I really connect with. I will be telling my friends about you and be buying music from you very very soon.

United Breaks Guitars

I absolutely love this song- the premise behind it, the beat, the words....I think you boys will are wonderful, this video is going to do so much for you besides 'sticking' it to United, you name is on everyones lips- Well done, Gentlmen-Only in the maritimes could you take a wrong and make it so right!(I am fromMiramichi, NB- though living in Peterborugh, ON)
<3 Cori MaDduff

WOW - just heard your song

WOW - just heard your song "United Breaks Guitars" after watching you on a news show this morning on line. Good on you for taking on these guys! But better yet is your voice ~ truly was impressed! You have a new fan for sure!


Hi Fellas,
I hope this post will work. I sent one a couple weeks ago and it didn't post? Now that you're hitting the "world" market best work out the kinks..ha ha.
Just wanted to say, I am happy for the recognition you are receiving, it will give so many the opportunity to see what I knew all along. The genuine, awesome talented musicians SOM are.
Lorraine #2 Fan
St. Andrews

"United Breaks Guitars" on YouTube

Hi folks,

your song on United Airlines breaking guitars just made my day ... :-))))

Coverage on your song and your experience with that Airline even went across the Atlantic Ocean. See Spiegel Online (Germany):,1518,635071,00.html

All the best for you!

Where can I get "United Breaks Guitars"?

I'm scared to death that part of their deal with you guys is that you'll have to take down the video off YouTube. I'd love to download it somewhere, but haven't seen it on either of your websites. Is it in mp3 format anywhere?

I'm glad I found that song too. I hadn't heard of you guys before that, and I'm really enjoying your music. Great work on your music, and congrats on the potential success with United.



Just saw the video on HuffPost. What a great, clean, country sound. Brilliant chorus, perfect number of verses, clean sound (melodically and production-wise).... Love it!

United Breaks Guitars

United Breaks Guitars is excellent! It's making major rounds on my LJ friends list. I'll buy albums and refuse to fly United just because of that song.

New Fan

Don & Dave,

I got hooked by your "United Breaks Guitars" YouTube video that was featured on the aviation-oriented website FlightAware Morning Aviation News & Photo Update (, ) this morning. Naturally, that led me to your other YouTube videos and your website.

I can't wait for "Parts 2 & 3" of your "United" triptych to say nothing of any future creative efforts. Your growing success is well deserved.

Well done, guys! What a pleasant way to start the day!

Take care,

Ron Horn
Columbia, Missouri, USA

United Breaks Guitars

Hey guys,

Just caught up on the "united scandal"...sorry about the guitars, but does the new video ever rock! too bad it has to be based on true events, eh?

Can't wait for the next two videos to come out!

~ Ash from NB...and for a short while, Halifax.

The Swordfish fly at Night

Hey Fellas,
Enjoying your music and looking forward to seeing you live again soon.
Always a pleasure.
Lorraine #2 Fan
St. Andrews

Hi guys Was hoping to see

Hi guys

Was hoping to see Ontario on your upcoming tours but guess I'll have to wait! or perhaps make my way down home for a visit and see you.
I just ordered 4 more cd's of yours, both new ones and a couple I seem to have misplaced. Probably stolen..yeah that's it!! I've already replaced
them twice. geez. I listen to your music just about daily (Mile a Minute, You Let me Love you et etc...., so many great tunes). Hey do I get a free tshirt or something. just kidding.

Hope to catch you sometime in the Fall!! Can't wait for the music to arrive. Hope you are both doing well and happy.

love and hugs to Canada's best brother band

Pattio (Ontario)
Pat O'Connor

Fleet Club Concert

A friend asked me to attend the Volunteer Appreciation Night at the Fleet Club tonight and I am so glad that I did. I cannot remember the last time that I enjoyed an evening of music so much and fortunately I had a great seat:) I will definitely be out to another one of your shows!


Hello guys,

I am sooo glad that I can finally order your CDs from your website because you offer paypal now!!! Thanks!!! It's almost impossible to get your CDs in Germany in a regular shop!! Looking forward to the CDs I ordered!! Can wait to listen to "Perfect Blue" :-))

Many greetings from Germany,

Don's new CD

I just heard Don's new CD and it's great! If you don't have it yet, put it on your list to order!


Merry Christmas, & Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas, & Happy New Year!

the wedding

Don (and Dave),Had a great time and tried to leave a message before to let you know that but I think for some reason it might not have made it's way thru. Looking for my message that I sent to you is like being on your hands and knees on a filthy floor searching for a key after midnite and still having the good cheer to laugh at the absurdity of it all!! Thank goodness the photographer had gone home at that point!

great show!

you didnt tell me I'd need a masters degree in audiology just to say a simple hello on your website. Get the heck outta bed, you werent on stage that late last nite! With the time change, it's still almost yesterday, sleepyhead!

Good mi\orning, rise and shine!

Was a great show, super great to see you again and end the nite crawling on the floor looking for a room key that was never there. Toooo funny! LetAll all the memories be fun ones!

Good luck with the jazz CD; sounds like ALOT of fun! Cant wait to see how it goes!! or rather HEAR how it goes.

PS People are sitting talking in the lounge as I write saying how great your music was and that they could have sat there listening to you all nite. Isnt that so sweet? I llike to be the person who overhears the good stuff!!

Wow, This site is awesome

Wow guys, I am impressed! This site rocks!!!

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